Company – Design

LASERWELD, driven by the passion and the desire to meet a wide range of different demands, has created an internal department specialized in the research and design, thus completing the entire manufacturing process within its human resources.

We welcome new ideas and innovation aspiration. Our constant goal is to grow together and be by side of our customers in order to create and enhance every aspect of the design and to achieve excellent outcomes.

We have chosen one of the most efficient and versatile 3D CAD design software that could offer us the vastest array of operations and make enjoyable every possible contribution to the design and manufacturing process. We are able to import pre-existing data or the one from other CAD systems, creating virtual 2D or 3D models and both figurative and motion rendering, in order to work and to develop our customers’ ideas.

Thanks to their expertise and technical skills, our design engineers are able to design and develop from the simplest pieces to the most complex technical drawings, speeding up and increasing output through the functions applied to the sheet metal parts, rapidly generating cutting and material lists, designing manufacturing and assembly systems.
In recent years, we felt a need to create our own production line almost spontaneously. An Intense activity of Research and Development, Innovation and Willingness to create, which is possible only thanks to our technical department, has led to the owners to set up the CUSTOM EQUIPMENT and LASERWELD BAKERY division.

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