Company – Quality Control

Aware of having to keep the best quality level to be able to face our competitors, we use only the best materials, got by reliable and competent suppliers, and we work at the best of our possibilities to realize products of exemplary quality.

We give great attention at the quality of our products and we believe that dedication and professionalism are the key to success, therefore in our team we consider a priority to check carefully what we design and produce.

During every phase of the process the production manager verify and supervise everything we made, to ensure an optimal quality until the final part of the cycle, checking dimensions and surfaces, using suitable and properly set tools, penetrant tests for welding, check of structure and conformity during drawing and production.

We work in accordance with the EN 1090 certification, building stainless steel and aluminum structures in order to be able to offer to the market our products under CE mark. Phase by phase the production manager checks whatever is made, to get sure that each product is in accordance to our quality standards.

LASERWELD INDUSTRY GROUP SRL is getting the ISO 9001-1 certification, with the aim to improve continuously his efficiency and efficacy, developing and realizing a continuous technical progress and quality control.

An important phase of quality control is the test of finished machines to check the suitable and best working of each component.

We grant to our cooperators a safe working environment and avoid every risk thanks to the careful conformance to safety regulations in force.