Laserweld Rotor ovens, 100% made in Italy technology

Laserweld - Bakery - forni per panetteria e pasticceria professionaleLASERWELD designs and builds an articulate series of rotary ovens which main features are a minimalist design and great performance. A particular care is dedicated to energy saving and the possibility of customization, choosing among a wide series of accessories. Everything is MADE IN ITALY.

The steamer, composed of detached thick canals filled with iron material, can grant a heavy and constant production of steam.

It’s easy to mount and unmount it, to facilitate cleaning and upkeep.

The door has double glasses, very wide and bright. The oven’s base it’s stainless steel of 4 mm thick, and the inner lining, made of mineral wool, create a perfect insulation.


  • Oven with compact dimensions and the right balance between the baking chamber and external dimensions.
  • 100% 430 – 304 – 310 – 321 stainless steel material.
  • A greater thickness is used in the baking chamber to make it more robust and durable.
  • All the exterior cover panels are made from 430 stainless steel with satin finish.
  • Heat exchanger made from a refractory stainless steel material suitable for high temperatures for gas and gas oil burners.
  • In the electric version, the heating is generated by batteries of resistors, once again coated in 310 stainless steel.
  • High-performance steamer with greater evaporation surface to ensure a reliable flow of steam during baking in a continuous cycle.
  • 430 satin finis stainless steel extractor hood.
  • Mechanical trolley rotation with gear motor.
  • Fully removable trolley.
  • Trolley that is quick to insert and release to remove.
  • Two important safety features are the thermostat located in the baking chamber and the one in the fume evacuation flue.
  • Door with double safety glass.
  • Chrome-plated handle, with safety door opening microswitch.
  • Safety handle made of 430 stainless steel inside the oven.
  • Well-proportioned lights inside the baking chamber for perfect vision and inspection of the product.
  • Control panel (for safety) built into in the body of the oven with quick, intuitive access.
  • The panel is fitter with the following as standard: digital thermostat with selector for the manual version, baking timer with alarm, steam timer and various indicato lights.
  • Operating indicators.
  • Gas, gas oil and pellet burners.
  • Electric version with resistences.